HIV/Aids Program

1.0 HIV/Aids Program

1.1 Begabari Clinic

The Begabri Clinic located in Anglicare PNG compound provides an efficient and effective gender sensitive service to all who walk in or referred to our clinic. Also the Clinics hold a registration of 2000 clients who require special attention and also the clinic gives attention to the Key Populations (KPs).

The clinic main activity implementation are to:

  • Provide treatment to new and reviewed STI cases.
  • Assess new PLHIV registered for ART and proscribe treatment new and ongoing clients
  • Provide IEC services
  • Screen all HIV clients for TB
  • Integrate family planning with treatment services
  • Provide treatment & counseling to GBV clients

1.2 Care and Counselling ( VCCT) Program

Some services provided by VCCT:

  • Pre & Post Test Counselling  for HIV
  • HIV Testing
  • PICT
  • Couple Counselling
  • Gender Based Counselling
  • STI Pre- counselling

1.3 Drop-in Center (DIC)

Drop in Centre (DIC) is a day Centre that forms part of the HIV/HIDs program that provides care services for People Living with HIV and also other small scale activities for the marginalized population like Key populations (KP) or most at risk population.

Our PLHIV and KP clients drop in during the day to excess Care and support services and drop out after they excess the services. Services provided at DIC and available to our clients are,

  • DIC provides a place to rest
  • Bath
  • Venue to have Nutritional food – Lunch
  • Provide Health and Educational video show
  • Provide small Hygiene products for clients
  • Collect IBM and tracking of their weight for assess their status of their wellbeing
  • Receive health information such as:
  • Positive advocacy
  • ART adherence session
  • Personal Hygiene session
  • Nutritional sessions
  • Prevention
  • Receive Pastoral Counselling

Also the DIC caters for the Key Population and the, Marginalize Populations for:
– Safe place for rest and excess Clinical check and Treatment

– Receiving Preventive massage sessions

– Bath & Rest

– Health and Educational Video shows

– Nutritional Food

– Lunch

– Deliver small Hygiene items plus condoms and HIV IEC materials