Anglicare PNG-Wabag

Anglicare PNG Inc. Wabag Branch – Organisation Profile

Wabag Branch

The Wabag Anglicare Bracnch was established in 2007 and is the only major Non-Government organization (NGO) in Enga Province. It was established in response to the alarming rate of HIV/AIDS in the province. The Wabag Anglicare branch has been serving the five districts of Enga Province.

The Wabag Anglicare office is situated in the heart of Wabag town, along the Turk Street. It is situated in a convenient location which is a few minutes’ walk from the main shopping center and the service providers (police station, provincial office and hospital).

The Wabag office is a double building, the top part of the building comprises of a small meeting room, a space for the MARPS program staff and office spaces for the branch manageress, the fiancé officer and the M&E officer. The lower part of the building has recently been renovated to create a MARPS safe space.

Also situated downstairs is the Naiman Clinic, Wabag Anglucare’s on-site clinic. The clinic consists of a small waiting room, counselling and a testing room.

Wabag Branch Staff

The Wabag Anglicare branch has grown from its capacity and currently has a total of twenty four full-time staff, which comprises of the admin staff (4), program staff (5), Peer Educators (5), and Security Guards (10). The branch has also three volunteers

Branch Manageress

Finance Officer

Admin and M&E Officer

MARPS Team Leader

MARPS Field Officer

Counsellors (x2)

Peer Educators (x5)


Security Guards (x10)


Volunteers (x3)


Programs Implemented

The Wabag Anglicare branch provides the following services to its clients, especially the Most At Risk Populations (MARPs).

Services provided are;

  • Voluntary Confidential Counselling & Testing (VCCT)
  • Home Base Care (HBC)
  • Condom Distribution
  • Peer Education
  • HIV/AIDS Advocacy and other community based programs (Future Life Skills, Adult Literacy)

In the early years of Anglicare Wabag, all of its services were targeted at the general population. However, starting last year there has been a change and the focus is now solely on the MARPs clients.

MARPs Program

In 2013 Wabag Anglicare was introduced to the MARPs (Most At Risk Populations) Program. In preparation for the new direction into MARPs program, the Wabag staff were sensitized and trained to adapt. There were also recruitment of new staff including Peer Educators. During this time there were a lot of trainings conducted by APNG in collaboration with Family Health International 360 (FHI 360) who offer technical assistance. Wabag Anglicare started implementing the MARPs program in the final quarter of last year (2013).

Unlike other Anglicare branches, all of Wabag Anglicare’s program are targeted at the MARPs. From mass awareness and trainings to the general population previously, the branch has now shifted to the MARPs population alone.

Peer Educators

When the MARPs program started last year, five Peer Educators (PE) were recruited. These Peer Educators were trained and sensitized to do peer-led interventions. The sensitization trainings were carried out in collaboration with FHI 360.

The Peer Educators have respective hot spot areas where they conduct outreach activities, either one to one or one to group. The outreach are targeted at the MARPs and include the following activities;

  • Dissemination of information on HIV, STI, GBV
  • Positive advocacy (safe sex practices, etc.)
  • Condom distribution and demonstration
  • Lubricant distribution and demonstration
  • IEC materials distribution
  • Doing referrals to clinics

Up to date twenty hotspots have been identified in Wabag for the Peer Educators to work in under the MARPs program. The hotspots have been divided amongst Peer Educators to work in.

From outreach at these hotspots, Peer Educators then refer their clients to the clinic for counselling and treatment.


Wabag Anglicare has two clinical sites where it provides health services to its clients.

Endakalipin Clinic

The Endakalipin Clinic is located at the Wabag General Hospital. An Anglicare Counsellor is placed at Endakalipin to provide services to the clients. The counsellor at the Endakalipin Clinic provides the following services;

  • HIV Counselling and Testing
  • General Counselling
  • Screening and Treatment of STI and RVI
  • STI Referral
  • Positive Advocacy
  • Condom distribution and demonstration
  • Lubricant distribution and demonstration
  • Referrals to Police and Legal aid

Naiman Clinic

Naiman Clinic is Wabag Anglicare’s on site clinic located within the Anglicare premises. Services provided at the Naiman Clinic are;

  • General Counselling
  • HCT
  • VCT
  • Referral to Edakalipin for STI treatment and Stat pak
  • Condom distribution and demonstration
  • Lubricant distribution and demonstration
  • Lubricant distribution and IEC materials

Condom distribution and demonstration is the major part of what Wabag Anglicare does. As mentioned earlier, previously there was mass distribution of condom, however, this has change with the MARPs program coming on board. Condom distribution and demonstration is now done in three main places and are targeted at the MARPs as much as possible.

  1. Condom outlets at Hotspot sites
  2. At the clinics (Endakalipin & Naiman)
  3. By Peer Educators during outreach