Message from the National Director

Heni Meke, National Director

Dear Staff and Colleagues,
In early 2015 we started a strategic planning exercise with with senior managers with the support of WaterAid PNG and the Anglican Board of Mission to help position Anglicare as a leading non-government organisation, shaping our own directions.

This National Strategic Plan (NSP) 2015 to 2020 has been endorsed by the Board and has been used to develop and operational Corporate Plan 2015-2018. The Corporate Plan outlines how we will implement the NSP on behalf on the Board.

Anglicare has been a leader in encouraging our Government and donor partners to recognise the importance of improving the health, economic, social and cultural well being of our people. We have exercised leadership in taking on new challenges, pioneering and expanding in other sectors as opposed to being a single HIV agency.

We are now a multi focus and very large NGO working in complex areas of development and service delivery. NSP sets clear directions for us and is the foundation of our work. We have a responsibility to achieve achieve results and to work in partnership with our Anglican network and our own Government , first and foremost, our donor partners, and other faith based and civil society organisations.

The Corporate Plan has been developed around the 3 key themes in the NSP and all staff will be required shape their work plans around delivering on these key themes. I am very committed  to moving into new areas of development including sustainable livelihoods, an increase focus on supporting programs which foster both self-reliance and mutual support, and to increasing financial support from our own Government for our work.

I thank the staff for their ongoing commitment to provide services we can all be proud off and I encourage all staff to provide feedback on ways we can improve and learn from what we do as we implement this NSP. We aim to be innovative, flexible and courageous and to embrace new technologies and ways of working. I especially thank WaterAid PNG and ABM for their ongoing support and partnership.

I look forward to shepherding us through this period of change and growth and to supporting Anglicare demonstrate our Christian faith by service to the people of PNG.


Heni Meke
National Director