Vision Mission


Our Vision

Inspired by Christian values, Anglicare’s vision is to contribute to Papua New Guinea being a healthy, educated, safe, spiritually and culturally rich. Includes society which provides and enables sustainable livelihoods for the people of PNG.

Our Key Partners

Anglicare shares a vision for a strong and independent future with the following partners:

  • National, Provincial and Local Level Governments of PNG
  • National Government Agencies-especially the Departments of Health; Education; Community Development; and National Planning and Monitoring
  • Provincial Administration and District Development Authorities
  • The Anglican Church of PNG, its agencies and institutions at all levels and globally
  • Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Anglican Board of Mission
  • WaterAid PNG
  • US AID
  • DFID
  • Global Fund
  • Corporate and local businesses
  • Other PNG and international NGOs and faith based organizations
  • Philanthropic organizations and individuals.

Our Mission

Anglicare PNG is a leading and respected development organization working to improve the health and well-being of the people PNG in partnership with the Anglican Church, other churches, local communities, all levels of Governments, international and PNG NGOs and faith based organizations, and donors.